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Pop Idol Reject
TikTok Challenge

1) Create a TikTok using the 'add sound' - 'Pop Idol Reject'

2) Use #PopIdolReject AND #PopIdolRejectChallenge

3) Follow @dpbrowning on TikTok

4) Family and pets (especially Cupid and BartholoMew) are  allowed to create videos but are not eligible to win the prize

5) Winner will receive 250 USD and a 1-of-a-kind #UltimateReject T-shirt. Announced on Aug 27, 2023 - on TikTok

Get It Together!

Get a free download now


when you PreSave at the link below! - This helps me out with Spotify placements and you get the track before anyone else!

David Browning - Pop Idol Reject


Thanks so much for stopping by! 


Pop Idol Reject has just dropped and to celebrate we've launched some POP IDOL REJECT swag - check it out on the store page! 

Streaming now everywhere! 

Your support is greatly appreciated :)


Drop me an email :) I love hearing from you!

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